The Festive Platter

Recently in Fine Cooking, it said “if you aren’t familiar with the cheese board trend gone wild, you must have been actively avoiding Instagram and Pinterest for several years”. Yup, creating boards is a huge trend even if, like me, you’re not addicted to social media. Creating a board is fun, creative, and beautiful to look at not to mention delicious to consume.

Last week I was asked to prepare a Festive Platter for staff at one of our hospitals. I anchored the platter with a jar of Thyme-Infused Red Wine jelly (pantry item). I think the key to a great platter is contrasts – colour, texture, and taste (sweet-salt). For this platter, I used three cheeses of various textures, cured salami, cranberry-orange sweet bread, prosciutto pinwheels, Provolone snowflakes cut with Christmas cookie cutters, baked olives, spiced nuts, mandarins, pomegranate, dried apricots, crostini, and crackers (GF). The options are endless. It’s fun to share as an appetizer or even as a light meal.

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