What I Do

The Mission:

We inspire people to grow, locally source and preserve wholesome foods at home.

By Creating A Vibrant Community of Preservers:

Our blog focuses on all things preserving. Ever wondered about how various commercial pectins compare in colour, texture or shelf-life? How can you enhance pectin without commercial varieties? How can I make crispier pickles? Is pressure canning really safe? Join us as Martha creates, discusses, compares and shares preserving experiences, and how-to’s.

By Creating a Community of Learners:

Martha shares preserving ideas in her published columns and offers classes and workshops about food preservation like water-bath or pressure canning, fermentation, dehydration, freezing. She offers consultations to food banks and community service organizations about how to safely preserve foods that have been obtained through gleaning programs, community gardens and food forests. Join us for classes, online preserving circles and special events. Check out our resources section for the best, research-based and authoritative sources for recipes and preserving methods.

By Creating All Things Preserved:

We preserve throughout the year but focus mainly on the summer growing season. From jams, jellies, marmalades and pickles, to frozen herbs and vegetables; from fruit leathers and dried tomatoes to kimchi and preserved lemons; from herb teas and to bath salts. The sky’s the limit for us. Check out what we’re preserving.